The Family Healing Wellness Centre

Improving pathways to healing and wellness for Anishinabek children, families and communities.

The Family Healing Wellness Centre is a culturally-based family treatment service. It offers support to address issues related to unresolved trauma within the home.

Parents, along with their children and/or youth reside in a therapeutic environment that enhances the family’s understanding of how their behaviour impacts the family wellness.

The 28-day Residential Program supports the healing process by delivering holistic treatments and techniques in individual and group sessions. The program is rooted in Anishinaabe culture, ceremony and land based teachings.

The Family Healing Wellness Centre is situated in a peaceful and private setting close to Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Family Healing & Wellness Centre (Youth/Adult)
Tel: 933-4343


The Family Healing Wellness Centre Residential Program is a voluntary program.

Each potential participant must be willing to make a commitment to their own healing process and actively participate in all aspects of the program.

Individuals who are actively using/abusing/misusing alcohol or drugs will be encouraged to seek appropriate treatment before being considered for this program.

Applicants will be screened for suitability.



Admission Process

  • Complete an Application for Admission. Consents are required for ALL ADULTS listed on the Application for Admission.
  • Once the Intake Worker has received your application and all accompanying information, a letter will be sent confirming the receipt of all documentation. This letter will contain information related to waitlists, admission dates, etc.
  • A Medical Assessment and TB Skin Test is required for ALL PERSONS entering residential treatment.
  • Applicants are required to attend four (4) Pre-Treatment sessions to help staff to determine your treatment readiness, and prepare you for admission.
  • Once Pre-Treatment is completed, all applicants with be informed of on the next available admission date.

Aftercare Program

An eight (8) week support program offers group counselling, education, case management and client-centred support services within the City of Thunder Bay. This program encourages individuals to continue to address their trauma and their path to wellness. The program focuses on individual strength and aims to provide participants with helpful tools for personal growth that will assist with their continued healing.


For more information about the Family Healing Wellness Centre contact:
1 (807)-473-4097

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