Strengthening health and well-being.

Dilico provides a wide range of health services for individuals, families and communities. Our caring services offer pathways to better health, healing and holistic wellness for Anishinabek people throughout all stages of life.

From primary care physicians, midwives and nurses, to traditional healers and personal support workers among others, Dilico can be the healthcare provider of choice for your entire family. Talk to us about your personal or family health needs.

The Quality Assurance program ensures that service standards, audits and tools meet the continuous quality improvement objectives of Health Services. The program identifies, designs and implements Health’s accreditation requirements to ensure compliance with best service practices.

We are accredited

Accreditation is an internationally recognized evaluation process used to assess and improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of health care organizations. It is designed to improve children, youth and family outcomes and our health services performance. It helps our entire agency work together to create a focus on safety and quality.

The process is an ongoing one. We participate in accreditation to identify what we do well and where we could do better, and make improvements based on the results. Peer reviewers visit our agency every four years to evaluate the extent to which we are meeting the standards.

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