Complaint Process

Child Welfare Complaint Process

If you have a Child Welfare service complaint with Dilico Anishinabek Family Care, this is what you can do…

1. Talk to Your Worker

Tell your worker about your complaint. Together, you may be able to find a solution.

2. Talk to Your Worker’s Manager

If you can’t solve the problem with your worker, call the Dilico Main Office and ask to speak with your worker’s manager. Talk to your worker’s manager and explain that your complaint was not solved.

3. Write to the Director

If you can’t solve the problem with the manager, write a letter to the Director of Child Welfare Services. Write about your complaint and what you have done to try to solve it.

4. If You’re Not Satisfied

If a solution can’t be found, write a letter to the Executive Director requesting your complaint be reviewed by the Internal Complaints Review Panel.

5. If That Doesn’t Work

Contact the Child and Family Services Review Board at the Ministry of Children and Youth Services with your Child Welfare complaint.  

Call Dilico’s Main Office at 1-855-623-8511 or visit for the phone number or address you require.

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