Nursing Services

Dilico Anishinabek Family Care offers a wide range of nursing services to our communities and individuals. If you see a Dilico staff wearing a purple shirt, please ask them about what we can offer you. The following are some of the services and nursing supports you can access:

Dilico provides immunizations and vaccinations across the lifespan for all required and optional vaccines. This may include your routine measles, mumps, and rubella vaccinations through to the emerging Covid-19 vaccine.
Diabetes Management and Education
b.i. Diabetes is a complex health condition that requires complex care. We understand that managing diabetes can mean difficult lifestyle changes but if left untreated, it can lead to life threatening diseases.
At Dilico, we provide a range of community-based care and support services for people living with diabetes of every type and at every stage.

Let us help you manage the challenges of living well with diabetes.

  • Help making healthy food choices
  • Support to live an active lifestyle including self-care, physical activity and fall management
  • Basic and advanced foot care
  • Help to identify and manage diabetes symptoms and causes
  • Advice for diabetes self-management including checking blood glucose
  • Assistance with medications and treatment.
Home Care Case Management
Home and Community Care Services provide a range of in-home healthcare and support services to clients who have acute, chronic, rehabilitative, or palliative care needs. We provide restorative, rehabilitative care to clients from birth to end of life and our program is focused on a clients ability to stabilize and progress in their capacity around activity tolerance and overall functional ability. To accomplish this, we help design a coordination plan of care based on individual and specific care needs and provide education and support services to the client and family.
Wound Care
Assessing complex patient wounds when they develop or when patients are admitted. Cleaning patient wounds to remove bacteria and debris and minimize the risk of infection. Dressing patient wounds to create a barrier against bacteria, among other services.
Foot Care
Routine foot care includes: Cutting or removing corns and calluses. Trimming, cutting, or clipping nails. Hygienic or other preventive maintenance, like cleaning and soaking your feet.

Advanced foot care includes: Minor foot surgical procedures, assessing and designing custom orthotics, and other services offered by our in-house Chiropodist, a highly trained medical practitioners trained to treat injuries and other afflictions with the feet and lower limbs.

Healthy Sexuality

Making safe and responsible sexual health choices is essential to overall healthy living. Dilico provides free sexual health education and support services to individuals, couples and groups.

Our services focus on building respectful and positive sexual relationships and teach people about caring for their physical and mental wellness.

Prenatal and Maternal Health
Dilico’s prenatal and maternal health programs help parents stay healthy before and during a pregnancy. We provide information to women and their families about prenatal health, healthy diet, nutrition and exercise, prenatal classes, home visits, nursing assessments, the Aboriginal Healthy Babies, Healthy Children (AHBHC) Program, and after care.
School Health
Dilico’s school health program contributes to the well-being of students by helping children and youth develop positive health attitudes inside and outside the classroom. Additionally, our health education and disease prevention initiatives are tailored to meet cultural, individual and community needs.
Infant and Preschool Health
We know that a healthy start gives children the best possible chance in life. Dilico provides screenings, assessments and support for infants and pre-school children to promote positive transitions to school.
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