Roots of Empathy Program teaching children in Armstrong

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Dilico District Mental Health and Addiction Program has seen great success with the Roots of Empathy Program being delivered at an Elementary school located in Armstrong.

“The Roots of Empathy program has been great in our grade 2/3 class so far. This program is a great learning experience, and I am very thankful we were able to make it work this year. The kids are engaged and interested to learn through a new platform (over webcam instead of in-person). The students are so interested each week to learn more about Jaylynn and how she is growing and changing. They are also reflecting on their own lives and feelings in an important and meaningful way. I am excited to see what Roots of Empathy will bring to our classroom in the new year. Thank you again for this amazing opportunity.” – Mikayla Pritoula (Teacher)

“Being part of the Roots of Empathy program has been a great learning opportunity as a new parent. The topics used to teach the children, such as body language and emotional reactions, help me as a parent notice and pay attention to how my child may be feeling. It is also nice to know that my child and I are making a difference in how children empathize and interact with other children.” – Theresa Lauzon


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