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First Nation Status

An employee having First Nation Status is an Indian who has provided the Employer with documentation confirming either that the employee is an Indian pursuant to the Indian Act or that the employee has membership pursuant to lawful membership rules of a First Nation established in accordance with the Indian Act.

First Nation Employee

A First Nation employee is defined as an employee having First Nation status.

First Nation Employees – Retention and Promotion

In an effort to enable the Employer to both satisfy it’s commitment to the First Nation communities it services and carry out it’s mandate to provide culturally sensitive services whenever possible, this Article shall apply notwithstanding any other provision(s) of this Collective Agreement, other than as provided for in Article 14.04

In cases of vacancies, promotions, transfers and demotions the Employer shall be entitled to give preference to First Nation employees who the Employer determines have the minimum required qualifications regardless of their seniority.

In all cases involving layoffs and recall from layoffs the Employer shall be entitled to give preference to a First Nation employee, regardless of seniority, provided the First Nation employee is willing to and in the opinion of the Employer has the current minimum qualifications to immediately perform the job duties.

Nothing in this Article shall affect a non-First Nation employee’s right to retain employment and be recalled to employment based on seniority in accordance with Article 13 nor her right to be considered for vacancies, promotions or transfers in accordance with Article 12, provided the employee was hired on or before March 31, 2006.

For all employees hired after March 31, 2006 this Article shall apply.

I, , understand that employment with Dilico will be subject to its Preferential Retention and Promotion Policy as outlined above.


Employment is conditional upon receipt of your Criminal Records Search and Vulnerable Sector Screening.
Dilico gives preference to First Nations people.