Home & Community Care Services


Our in-home and community-based services support the efforts of individuals to care for themselves with the assistance of family, friends and community. Care management ensures our services meet distinct needs of the client.


Care Management

Care Managers visit clients at home to provide clinical assessments that determine which services accommodate each client's unique needs. In-home professional care services include:

* Nursing (acute and chronic care)
* Physiotherapy
* Occupational Therapy
* Social Work
* Speech and language pathology
* Nutritional and dietary
* School Health Support
* Discharge Planning

Home and Community Health Care staff work in partnership with other health care professionals and organizations in the community and region to help our clients achieve and maintain good health. Some of our service partners include the Victorian Order of Nurses, Superior Therapy and Partners in Rehab.


Who Can Use Home and Community Care Services?

The services provided through Home and Community Care are available to any individual who is assessed by a care manager as a result of a disability,  a short or long term illness or aging.

Individuals are eligible if it is determined that they require any professional health services, personal care, adult life enrichment, school health support services or any other community services.


First Nations 

Individuals from any of the following First Nations may access Dilico's Home and Community Care Services:

Fort William, Lake Helen, Whitesand, Long Lake #58, Ginoogaming, Pays Plat, Pic Mobert, Michipicoten and Biinjitiwaabik Zaaging Anishinaabek.

Some services and programming may not be offered in all communities.


How Do I Access Home and Community Care Services?

Referrals can be made to a care manager designated for a specific service area by phone, by email or by fax, both in the City and District of Thunder Bay.