Clinical Services


Provides children and adults involved with the agency’s Mental Health & Addictions Services access to Psychiatry and Psychology services. Dilico is also a host site for the Hospital of Sick Children's Tele-Link Mental Health Program. Referrals to the Tele-Link Mental Health Program are accepted from Children's Mental Health agencies in Thunder Bay and the District.

Service Overview

• Direct Client Consultation
• Assessment & Diagnosis
• Intervention/Parenting & School-based Strategies
• Treatment Recommendations
• Clinician to Clinician & Program Consultations
• Access to Tele-Link Mental Health via agency satellite offices
• Follow up Services
• Assistance with completing referral information/ consultation
• Linkage to appropriate Clinical Associate available



Services can be initiated by contacting the Clinical Services Case Manager at 855-623-8511 Ext: 5816 or by faxing referral forms (see links below) to 807-626-7999.

Health Information Disclosure Consent Form,  Tele-Link Mental Health Referral Sheet Consent Psych Services Form