Child & Family Advocacy

The Office of Child and Family Service Advocacy, in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child believes that children and youth have the right to be heard and they must be supported in achieving their full potential as members of society in the spirit of respect, dignity, equality, tolerance, association, participation and opportunity. Visit The Office of Child and Family Service Advocacywebsite to find out more.


Child Rights

You Have The Right To...

  • Know and understand your rights.
  • Be and feel safe.
  • Be treated fairly no matter your race, sex, culture, religion, abilities, or sexual orientation.
  • Have a say about what happens to you and express your thoughts and feelings.
  • Be properly fed, clothed and cared for.
  • Go to school.
  • Receive medical and dental care.
  • Participate in social and recreational activities.
  • Participate in your religion and culture and speak your language.
  • An interpreter if you are not being understood because of language or abilities.
  • Reasonable privacy.
  • Know and understand the rules, responsibilities and consequences.
  • Talk privately with your lawyer, the Ombudsman, your Member of Parliament or an Advocate.
  • Be told how to contact the Advocacy Office.

If you are 12 or older, you also have the right to:

  • Know that a decision is being made about you in court so that you can go there when it happens.
  • Ask to have a review or an appeal of your placement.
  • Help make your plan of care.


If it doesn't feel fair, maybe it's not right. Call an advocate.  1-800-263-2841 or 416-325-5669