Become an Alternative Care Provider


  • Help a child learn and grow.
  • Give a child a safe home.
  • Share your love.


What is Alternative Care?

When a child has been placed in the care of Dilico, alternative families (also referred to as foster parents) in Thunder Bay and the District provide temporary homes for the child until they return to their family, or a permanent plan is made. Children are of varying needs and ages. Dilico provides ongoing support services for foster families.


Who can be an Alternative Care Provider?

Alternative care providers play a vital role. Alternative care providers are emotionally healthy, caring and dedicated individuals. They are willing to share their home, and their lives to make a difference for a child.

Alternative care providers came from a variety of backgrounds and from all walks of life. They may be single parents, grandparents, single, married, with or without children.

Alternative care providers don’t have to be of Anishinabek descent. However, as part of their connection to the well being of their foster child, it’s important to demonstrate willingness to learn and appreciate the Anishinabek culture.


Why be an Alternative Care Provider?Become an Alternative Care Provider Dilico

  • To make a difference in a child’s life.
  • To share your enthusiasm, energy and experience with a child.
  • To provide a safe and enriching environment that will help a child learn and grow.
  • To help a child succeed in relationships, education and career.
  • To help a child become a responsible and active member of the community.


Who provides support for Alternative Care Providers?

Dilico supports their alternative care providers by providing:

  • Training and educational opportunities.
  • Professional support staff assigned to your home to provide a smooth transition and to help nurture a positive relationship.
  • 24-hour on-call support.
  • Mutual support and networking opportunities between alternative care providers.
  • Financial compensation.
  • Cultural awareness and opportunities to participate in cultural activities.