Adult Residential Treatment Centre

The Adult Residential Treatment Centre (ARTC) provides a safe, clinically based approach to treatment for alcoholism and drug dependency. The six-week, 20 bed co-ed treatment program successfully combines cultural teachings and mental health and addictions counselling in a safe supportive environment.

Healing is assisted through multidisciplinary treatment within a safe, semi-rural environment on Fort William First Nation. Therapeutic community principles of peer support, cooperation, open communication and shared rehabilitative goals are taught.

The ARTC features a spiritual room modeled after a sweat lodge. Participation in regular traditional healing practices is encouraged.

Programs and services offered and delivered through ARTC include: • Intake • Assessment • Group and individual counselling • Cultural teachings • Aftercare planning • 12-week Aftercare Program • Referrals to recovery homes post treatment

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The Adult Residential Treatment Centre (ARTC) accepts male and female clients aged 18 years and older. Clients must complete the ADAT assessment, intake package and medical assessment. Clients also require the completion of a T.B. skin test and a chest x-ray if the T.B. skin test result is positive.

Clients must attend a withdrawal management program prior to residential treatment in the event of heavy alcohol benzodiazepine use.


Admission Process

Step 1: Pretreatment • Readiness checklist • ADAT- Assessment Tools Package • Informational video about the Centre and questionnaire

Steps 2 and 3: Application for Admission and Medical Assessment and T.B. Skin Test Applicants will be required to fax the application form, a signed “consent to release/obtain information” form and medical assessment to the ARTC at (807) 623-2810.

Step 4: Follow-up/Waitlist Once the ARTC has received your application and accompanying information, a letter will be sent to the referent confirming receipt of all documentation. This letter will also contain information related to admission dates/wait lists, etc.


Aftercare Program

A 12-week support program in the City of Thunder Bay provides group counseling, relapse prevention, education, case management, and client-centred support services. This program is based on a harm reduction model. It encourages individuals addressing their addiction to continue to stay involved with the Aftercare Program Worker until all their needs are addressed.

The program focuses on individual strengths and aims to provide participants with helpful tools for personal growth that will assist in their continued healing. Additional pretreatment and aftercare services are provided in the district by District Mental Health and Addictions Services.


Early Discharge Support

The Aftercare Program also offers an Early Discharge Support Program for participants who reside in the City of Thunder Bay and, for whatever reason, do not complete the six-week residential program but still require services such as referrals, pretreatment stabilization, one-on-one support, etc.


ARTC Admission Package

Intake Admission Checklist

Application for Admission

Consent form

Consent to Obtain and Release Information (Internal)

Consent to Obtain and Release Information

Medical Assessment

ARTC Pamphlet

Pre-Treatment Checklist