0 - 6 Years Services


Infant Child Development Services

Provides an integrated approach to infant and young child development in a family-centered intervention that is responsive to parent/caregivers’ strengths, competencies and priorities. If you have an infant/child under the age of 6 years who is experiencing developmental/behavioural or social difficulties, we can help.

Service Overview

  • Home Visits
  • Screenings and Assessments (i.e. Fair Start)
  • Individual Treatment Plans based on the family’s vision
  • Therapeutic Play Sessions with children
  • Triple P Positive Parenting Program
  • Advocacy/work with other professionals to provide support needed
  • Circle of Security Programming

Abiinojiishiik-amino-yawook EarlyON Child and Family Centre

Abiinojiishiik-amino-yawook EarlyON Child and Family Centres offer free drop-in programs for caregivers and children from birth to 6 years old. You can learn and play with your child, meet people or get advice.

Service Overview

  • A culturally safe, relevant and respectful environment for families with young children
  • Determines early identification of developmental and other psychosocial needs
  • Assists young children to be school ready and developing socialization skills

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