Welcome to Youth Outreach Services

What is Youth Outreach Services?

Dilico's Youth Outreach Services (YOW Services) assists youth living in at-risk neighbourhoods. The services are available to all youth in the City of Thunder Bay, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal.

The program supports youth in their capacity to make healthy life choices, and promotes the development of skills and civic participation, including community and peer leadership.

YOW Services works with other community programs and agencies to link at-risk youth with existing supports and resources in the community. Youth are empowered to find opportunities and solutions to issues related to, for example, housing, employment, and education.

Click here for the news release from the program's official launch.

The YOW Team

Youth Outreach Workers (YOWs) are specifically trained to support the needs of youth and to work in partnership with family members, educators and other community programs and services.

YOWs do not receive formal referrals for service. Services occur through direct engagement with youth.

Youth are assisted through traditional and non-traditional support or emergency services.

How Outreach Works

Outreach involves coordinated activities that motivate at-risk youth and their families to make positive life choices including:

1) Receiving and sharing information about their interests, concerns and needs

2) Providing relevant information

3) Guiding, mentoring and facilitating access to programs and services

4) Enabling positive community participation