Step Up 2017


Do you see me?

Step Up. Look out for children and youth in the community.

October is Child Abuse Prevention Month in Thunder Bay and district. Help support the well-being of children and families by stepping up.

In 2009, Dilico Anishinabek Family Care and The Children’s Aid Society of the District of Thunder Bay introduced the Step Up campaign. Every year throughout the month of October, Step Up encourages residents, businesses, families, and schools to step up and take responsibility for the safety, happiness and well-being of children by participating in a variety of initiatives.

  • Step Up. Make a difference in your community. Join us and thousands of caring people who are dedicated to helping children and families build a better future. 
  • Step Up. Help strengthen families and prevent abuse right now. Stay alert to the warning signs that a child is experiencing neglect.
  • Step Up. Be willing to look out for one another’s children. Encourage a supportive spirit among parents in your neighbourhood.

Ways you can Step Up to support Child Abuse Prevention Month


Go Purple for Prevention Day - October 24, 2017

In support of Child Abuse Prevention Month, we are inviting local businesses, organizations, families and individuals to participate in Go Purple for Prevention Day.

On October 24th, participants are asked to wear purple to support the 2017 Step Up campaign. Purple is the signature colour of child abuse prevention. By wearing purple, you’re helping us raise awareness about Child Abuse Prevention Month and making a pledge to step up against child abuse.


Participating is easy.

  1. If you are a business/company/ organization sign up for Go Purple for Prevention Day by submitting your organization, business or company name to: firedogpr%23com|stepup. We will send you some information on how you can participate and about the campaign. (If you are a family or individual, you don’t need to.)
  2. Go find some awesome purple clothing before October 24th.
  3. WEAR PURPLE on October 24th.
  4. Take photos (selfie) or video of your employees wearing purple and share them on Facebook with #StepUpTBay. You can also send them to us to post: firedogpr%23com|stepup

On October 24th, everyone is also encouraged to show us new ways to Step Up. Have a bake sale, plan a child friendly activity, or raise funds in a creative way and make a donation to the Dilico Children’s Foundation/Children’s Services Foundation, or have a staff contest to raise awareness.


#ISeeYou Project & Contest

This year our campaign is focusing on the unique strengths and qualities of children and youth. We are inviting students, children and youth to participate in a fun and creative craft project to design a colourful cut-out of themselves. Through the exercise, they will explore and visually express what makes them unique as individuals. This project is an opportunity for students to build self-esteem and confidence


How to participate:

  1. Download a cutout below and print.
  2. Get out craft supplies. Markers, crayons, cardboard, construction paper, stickers, yarn etc.
  3. With your child decorate the cut-out to reflect who they are.  Ask them what are their talents? Maybe they love soccer and are good at it. Perhaps they would decorate the cutout with a soccer ball and uniform. What do they love about themselves? Maybe they like their freckles? Their curly blonde hair? What’s their favourite activity? Favourite top? What makes them special and unique?
  4. Once your cutout is decorated and complete, help us raise awareness about Step Up. Take a photo of the completed cutout and then post it on your social media page(s) with the hashtags #StepUpTbay and #ISeeYou or send it via email to firedogpr%23com|stepup.

At the end of October a draw will be held for the submissions posted or emailed. Three lucky participants will win a Step Up Family Prize Pack that will include fun family activities to do in the community.

By stepping up, adults can help a child or give a family in crisis the help they need. Child abuse includes physical, emotional and sexual abuse and/or neglect. If you have concerns about a child, please call:

  • Dilico Anishinabek Family Care: 1-855-623-8511- Services for Indigenous families and children. (Emergency service 24 hours a day)
  • Children’s Aid Society of the District of Thunder Bay: 1-800-465-3905 or (807) 343-6100


If you have any questions about the Step Up campaign and any of its initiatives please contact: firedogpr%23com|stepup


or call:


Blythe Haynen

Community Engagement Manager

Dilico Anishinabek Family Care

(807) 626-7950